30 December 2008

Startups: It is THE Time to Get Talent

All kidding aside now is a great time to find the talent you need to turn your concepts into corporations.

15 December 2008

05 December 2008

Fertile Ground: Where Would Elvis Co-Work?

Memphis is becoming fertile ground today for spontaneous entrepreneurial action. With major events focused on entrepreneurship such as BarCamp, Startup Weekend, and the LaunchMemphis Investment Forum, the cohesiveness that cannot be achieved with formal commercial events or trade groups is being built at low cost creating big effects. But that is not all that is occurring.

The latest success of the startup ethos comes in the rise of co-working space at EmergeMemphis, the tech business incubator in Memphis. Housed within the four story building of EmergeMemphis (used to be the old Royal Furniture warehouse), you will find the Mercury Launchpad, the first co-working space in Memphis designed with digital nomads in mind. When you enter the space you are engulfed with the cool design of Steelcase furniture and the creative reuse of the brick and wood timber building. One of the better kept secrets is that quite a few Memphis new tech startups have visited or are presently using the Launchpad on their road from concept to corporation, including most recently Resolute Games. In the past year the Launchpad has been home to a retired NFL player looking at startup, a financial modeling consultancy, emerging social media service, and many more.

So where would The King co-work? Maybe the Launchpad -- maybe not. However, if you are The King of Digital Nomads, you should be at the Launchpad.