27 June 2007

Lantana Event This Weekend

From the Underground Up
Saturday, June 30
7:00-10:00 pm
corner of North Main and Jefferson

Lantana Projects announces the unveiling of a long-term outdoor art
installation by Eric Knoote. A collection of mirror "flowers" - based
on his spiegelbeeld - will be grouped in the downtown lot at the
corner of Main and Jefferson. Through the use of mirrors as a medium,
Knoote creates both a static and dynamic exhibit, where the community
and its activity are literally reflected in the art.

The public is encouraged to celebrate From the Underground Up to mark
the completion of the piece and its introduction to the community.
Beverages will be provided. A suggested donation of $5 benefits
Lantana Projects and this project.

25 June 2007

New Website Goes Live

Just wrapped up a total revamp of my personal website, thanks to the coding expertise of Sarah Petschonek. Visit http://www.ericmathews.com for more info on myself and my activities.

14 June 2007

Perceive the good from the bad

Looking at a recent interview with David Brin I came across something that hadn't immediately crossed my mind . . . . "It always takes a while for the people to learn how to use the new media critically, to be able to perceive the good from the bad." We often see rapid adoption of technologies and new media forms and delivery mechanisms and assume that because people are using them and adopting them that they are immediately good a perceiving good from bad in the new format. David's right . . . More info and a larger excerpt below with a link to the full interview.

Excerpt from David Kushner's interview with David Brin as seen in Discover Magazine online version (06.07.2007)

David Brin states:
"Printing not only vastly expanded the ability to convey human knowledge and memory to other people but also made it more robust. People tend to assume that when things like this happen, it automatically results in an improved humanity. This is what you’re hearing from the techno-transcendentalists on the Internet. It is a religious statement that what we’re seeing on the Internet today is improving discourse and improving democracy and improving markets. I’m very skeptical of that because at the beginning of any of these revolutions, always what is empowered is demagoguery. The immediate outcome of the printing press was the Thirty Years’ War. The immediate outcome of radio was the empowerment of demagogues like Huey Long and especially Adolf Hitler. It always takes a while for the people to learn how to use the new media critically, to be able to perceive the good from the bad."