20 November 2008

Web Futures discussed at Arcade Restaurant-Memphis


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Had a nice session this morning with Marc and Josh. We continue to look at the market opportunity in front of us with cautious optimism. Hopeful the technology team in India will serve us well. Just waiting on a proposal that we can act on. Here's a pic of Josh -- personal trainer turned web entrepreneur.

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10 November 2008

Creative Conversations . . . Hope they will continue.

Thanks to Roy Barnes aka Gates of Memphis for continuing the Creative Conversation dialog. 

Visit his blog post on the event for full coverage of the event complete with audio files.


09 November 2008

04 November 2008

Current swag list - BarCamp Memphis 2008

Swag Sisters have done a great job for BarCamp Memphis -- a nice haul for our attendees. Fire up your tweet & blog engines and get to BarCamp Memphis this weekend.

Door Prizes:
* Southwest Community College - free class, and they'll have a table at the event with more giveaway items. Their web site is http://www.southwest.tn.edu/.
* Memphis Pizza Café - 20 free pizza coupons. Their web site is http://www.memphispizzacafe.com/.
* Newk's Café - two meals for two. Their web site is http://www.newkscafe.com/.
* Corky's BBQ - barbecue gift pack - sauces; their web site is http://www.corkysbbq.com/.
* Zannel.com - Flip camera, USB drive, T-shirt, and stickers. Their web site is http://www.zannel.com.
* IttyBiz.com - Online access to Naomi Dunford's SEO School and Online Business School, a new product launching Nov. 12. Her site is http://ittybiz.com/.
* Seth Godin - two signed copies of his book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. Seth's site is http://sethgodin.com/sg/.
* Tee Morris - one of his books about podcasting (not sure which one he's sending -- just say "podcasting book from Tee Morris, the co-author of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies." His website is http://teemorris.com/.
* Penelope Trunk - her book, Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success. Her website is http://penelopetrunk.com/.
* Guy Kawasaki - his book, Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition; his site is http://www.guykawasaki.com/.
* Michael Martine, of Remarkablogger Blog Consulting Services: 60-minute business consultation by phone. His site is: http://www.michaelmartine.com.

Swag bags:
* Fred's - the bags themselves; also, hand sanitizer. Their site is http://www.fredsinc.com/.
* Joe Spake of Revid Realty - pens; his web site is http://www.revidrealty.com/ [or should it be http://www.spake.com? Or both? I couldn't get the spake.com site to load. - cb]
* DocuMart - notepads. Their site is http://documart.com/.
* Smoothie King - buy one/get one free coupons. Their site is http://www.smoothieking.com/.
* WordPress.com - pencils, stickers, temporary tattoos, and buttons. Their site is http://wordpress.com/.
* VACO Technology - drink holders (cozies). Their site is http://www.vaco.com.

Giveaways At BarCamp Memphis

Here is a listing of the free stuff that will be given away at BarCamp Memphis.

-Flip Camera provided by Zannel.com

-Zannel T-Shirt

-Wordpress buttons, temp tattoos, pens

-Memphis Pizza Cafe gift certificates

-One course at Southwest TN Community College

-USB Drive from Zannel

-Smoothie King Coupons

-Fred's Eco-Bags

-Dinner for two at Newk's Cafe

That's in addition to other items plus you get

-Free Red Bull all day

-Free lunch

-Free snacks

-Free WiFi

And this is only what I remember. Be there for all this plus the knowledge exchange and networking.

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03 November 2008

Sunday Recap

Day turned out very nice . . . extra hour of sleep, brunch downtown, and then off to the Ballet. It was my first time to the Orpheum and my first time to a Ballet Memphis performance. After that we went down to the RiverArtsFest. All-in-all a very nice way to spend a beautiful day in downtown in Memphis, TN.

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