10 August 2007

Computable Genomix software package used like Google for Gene Research

We recently had some news on one of portfolio companies, Computable Genomix . . .

Computable Genomix software package used like Google by gene researchersMemphis Business Journal - August 10, 2007 by Michael Sheffield

. . .

Eric Mathews, a principal with Mercury, sees GeneIndexer as a valuable tool in the research and development of new drugs and antibodies.

"We find the best raw technologies and research talent from research and development labs, both academic and industrial, and create new technology business ventures," Mathews says. "Rapid business prototyping is a critically important component of technological innovation."

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For more information on Computable Genomix visit http://www.computablegenomix.com
For more information on Mercury Technology Labs visit http://www.mercurytechlabs.com

03 August 2007

NanoTect Spin-off Announced

Recently had an article in the Memphis Business Journal on the launch of NanoTect one of the Mercury Technology Labs portfolio companies . . .

Conceived in research, NanoTect becomes first spinoff business at U of M
Memphis Business Journal - July 13, 2007
by Michael Sheffield

. . .

"We can deal with insulation or corrosion problems with electronics suppliers," Mathews says. "This could be a NutraSweet kind of thing, an incremental ingredient that people can brand with. They can say they've got NanoTect on their stuff, like 'Intel Inside.' "

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For more news on NanoTect visit http://www.nanotectllc.com.
For more news on Mercury Technology Labs visit http://www.mercurytechlabs.com.