03 December 2007

I was recently asked to Weigh In

Recently I was asked to "Weigh In" on a question for the Nov. 30th, 2007 Edition of the Memphis Business Journal
The Weigh In: How does your business of industry stand to benefit from Tennessee's increasing business relationship with China?
Here was my reply . . . 

"With the population of China beginning to equal the European middle class in purchasing-power, the demand for innovative new technologies from US firms will grow.   United States Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson recently relayed that China is by far the most rapidly growing market for US goods, having grown nearly four-fold over the past 10 years.   Because of enhanced China-Tennessee business relations, Tennessee firms stand poised to take an even larger share of this business. 

"Looking more specifically at new venture creation: In the technology arena, we know local start-ups turn to China for manufacturing.   What's new is we are seeing Chinese firms approach local start-ups with interest not only in the purchase of products and services, but also with money for investment and even outright acquisition of the start-up to compliment other US acquisitions.  "