29 September 2006

Mercury Technology Labs Website Goes Live

Today's big acheivement was getting our website up and running.  To check it out visit http://www.mercurytechlabs.com .
Other than that it has been a pretty bland day of phone calls, follow-up, and planning for our contract with our Fortune 100 client.  Our business cards came in Wednesday.  We are off and running.

28 September 2006

Mercury Technology Labs: Fortune 5,000,000

Here are some items that I looked at today on the web -- doing some research on Web Apps and Web OS in preparation for working with our Fortune 100 Client.

Mercury Technology Labs: Fortune 5,000,000

Lantana Projects

I'm on the board of Lantana Projects (http://www.lantanaprojects.com). Things are progressing well for our art show coming up on November 11th. We have secured a great space on South Main in Memphis and the DJs are lining up. Visit this link to get more information on the submission process http://www.lantanaprojects.org/class_06/class_06_poster.pdf

BTW . . . Lantana Projects is Memphis' only non-profit international artist residency program. The goal of Lantana is to make Memphis a global leader in the contemporary arts community.

Top 40 Under 40 - Milestones

I got notification yesterday that I am one of the Top 40 Under 40 Honorees this year, as named by the Memphis Business Journal (http://memphis.bizjournal.com). Today I turn 27. Mercury Technology Labs (http://www.mercurytechlabs.com) was chartered last week. Lots of things happening. Good milestones.

26 September 2006

Social Networking

For one of my clients, I have engaged in some quick catching up on Social Networking.  For my business partner and others I have sourced some interesting summaries on the blogs.  Check these out if you are little behind the curve and want to catch up quickly:

CEO Guide to Social Networking 



This week in Social Networking 9-16-06



Chart showing among other things investment in social networking sites




More Specific Items


Social networking grounded in everyday activity http://www.judysbook.com/


www.NetVibes.com – could imagine specialized app releases to these sites  


Need to consider WebOS: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/webified_desktop_apps_vs_browser_apps.php

24 September 2006

Mercury Technology Labs

My blog will focus a lot on my efforts on starting up a venture creation company called Mercury Technology Labs (www.mercurytechlabs.com). I have placed a description of Mercuy Labs here for your information . . . a bit of context.

About Mercury Technology Labs

Mercury Technology Labs is an innovation connector and venture creation company operating from Memphis, Tennessee. Mercury Technology Labs fulfills these two critical roles in the innovation economy by embracing principles of open innovation and innovation acceleration. Mercury partners strategically with corporate research and development engines to evaluate their intellectual property and provide external commercialization support as part of a framework for open innovation. Furthermore, Mercury finds the best raw technologies and research talent from research and development labs both academic and industrial, invests management expertise and capital, and creates new technology business ventures. Mercury Technology Labs is tapping the opportunity of technological intellectual capital and providing value as an innovation engine.

Mercury inspires researchers and companies to find the most appropriate business model to commercialize a new offering -- whether that model exists within a current framework or must be sought through new external paradigms. Our methods of moving research and development externally can create significant value and make the best use of ideas generated within or outside the current business.

Mercury Technology Labs specializes in supporting innovation outside the normal channels of research and development labs in industry and academia. Rapid business prototyping is a critically important component of technological innovation; this is our core competency. Mercury Technology Labs is growing a portfolio from raw technology and research talent into rapidly growing start-up companies.

Starting up

I've decided to try to chronicle my efforts and activities using a blog primarily because my career is in transition. I'm moving into entrepreneurship -- starting-up, start-ups. I fully expect the future ahead will be interesting, worth noting, as well as worth reviewing. The question is whether blogging will serve me well. If it does, after a period this blog will become a helpful record to me of how I've changed, how my career has changed, how my efforts have paid-off or failed, who I've encounter, and the information and facts that I believe are relevant to the success of the efforts I undertake.

If you are reading this, welcome.