16 November 2006

James Clar Offer 3D Cube at Reduced Price

For those of you who were waiting for the price to drop on the 3D Display Cube made by James Clar and Associates, wait no longer. They now retail for $1799.

Visit http://www.jamesclar.com/store/3dcubewhite/index.html to place your order. There are only 15 left! The company doesn't expect to get another shipment until after the turn of the year -- too late for the holidays.

07 November 2006

Rollable Displays

At the 2006 Microsoft Business Forum in Moscow, Bill Gates focused interest on displays that can be rolled-up and stuffed in a pocket with his prediction that they are just a few years away.  These predictions are not far fetched based upon the the work done by MIT spin off E Ink and continued work by Phillips (using some of the E Ink Technology) and others to make the vision a reality.  Another related developer is Polymer Vision.

One to Watch: Eleksen

Surfing the web today looking for some new sensor technology and came across Eleksen. Eleksen created the world's first 100% fabric sensors that enable wearable computing, command and control systems, and other accessories for the technophiles.

One solid example of the application of their technology is the G-Tech Wireless Smartphone Keyboard. It is a Bluetooth-enabled full laptop-sized Qwerty keyboard made of fabric that can hence be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket. Eleksen says it is compatible with most devices offered by BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm and Microsoft making it a great alternative to tiny thumb pad Qwertys. It's waterproof, so you don't need to worry about the spills that would normally cripple your whole laptop. Check out www.eleksen.com.